Post-Graduate Study Days - 2-4 September 2012

Knowing how to disseminate research

The International Conference on Science Communication provided an opportunity to raise awareness of stakes and tools for science communication in PhD students through a specific training course. 130 budding researchers were invited to take part in a two-day training event as well as the conference itself. These study days were entitled “Knowing how to disseminate research”.

The event was open to all PhD students, whatever their discipline, and whether or not they had any experience of Science Communication. This totally new training event had several key strengths:

  • an introduction to Science Communication in an interdisciplinary setting
  • the international component of the training event and the conference
  • the opportunity to exchange experience with other PhD students, enhanced by the buddying concept
  • workshops run by French and international professionals
  • a convivial context to enhance creativity and motivation and to take a more detached view of one’s doctoral thesis
  • cost of accommodation, food and conference registration integrally borne by the organisers

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